We all have moments in our lives that define us or even re-define who we are and what we stand for.  This was one of those moments for me.  I was doing some minor editing tweaks on a past project today and found these photos form some of our behind-the-scenes footage.  I don’t think I ever shared this story with anyone except with my immediate family but thought I’d share.


This is Lois.

I met her producing a documentary for her and her family. A #familyhistory story about her life, her #legacy, her family, and such.

When I showed up to film, she was the sweetest, warmest lady. Very talkative, excited that we were there, and loved to tell us her stories. We talked about her husband who had passed, her children, how she grew up…basically documented everything.

I took the footage and family photos home to start editing and putting together a really nice family history documentary for them when I received the call the next day…

Lois had passed.

Obviously, I was in complete shock because I just spent the whole day with her before and she seemed fine. Very active, energetic, spoke very well.

I found out from her daughter that she had actually been very quiet and in poor health for some time and that the day before when we showed up to film, was the most she had expressed herself in a long time. That she had not been that upbeat, excited, nor happy for a while.

“I couldn’t help but feel extremely grateful and honored to be a part of something so amazing.”

That she was blessed with the ability and excitement to share her life story with us, tell us about her husband, how much she loved her children, and even have her children speak directly to her one last time sharing their feelings towards her.

That was the last time her daughter spoke to her before she passed that night.

I’m just grateful that I had the opportunity to know her for that day, and to be a part of preserving her life’s legacy that will now be shared for generations.

It had a profound impact on me so I thought I’d share. Hug your loved ones every day. Tell them you love them multiple times per day and create a legacy of your own within your family.

If you want to see the video we filmed a year later talking about the experience with her daughter just let me know and I’ll share it.

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