If you are a small business owner, then I want you to understand the importance of how Facebook ads can drive profitable sales into your business.

So today, I’m gonna share with you a couple of tips on running your first campaign, especially if your local business is a new business, such as a gym or a restaurant or a dentist’s office, or maybe a chiropractor. I’m gonna share with you the first campaign that I would suggest running if you’re trying to bring awareness to your local business.

“We wanna give them scarcity meaning that there’s only a certain amount of these vouchers available. And what they have to do is they have to call today, they have to call now.”


Create a company overview video

The first thing you wanna do is create some sort of brand or company overview video. And then you’re gonna wanna run a brand awareness campaign within your Facebook ads manager and the reason why you wanna do this is that ads under the brand awareness campaign are a lot cheaper to run.

You’re gonna run those ads to everybody in your local area, especially if you’re like a gym or a dentist office or a restaurant, you’re gonna have a certain circumference, kind of around your business. You know, a certain distance from your physical location that you’re gonna wanna run those ads.

Now, the reason why you run a video with a brand awareness campaign is that Facebook will actually track the video views on that video. And it’ll even track the certain percentage that people watched your video like if they watch 10% or 50% or 90% and it’ll give you kind of the average.

So what you’re gonna do is run a retargeting campaign that is retargeting the people that watch your video to a certain percent.

I recommend maybe 50% or higher because then you’re gonna put your ads in front of people that are more interested or more likely to engage with you and your business and maybe come in because they took the time to watch more of your video.

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Create a retargeting voucher ad

Now, the type of retargeting ad that we like to use is what we call a voucher ad. It’s kinda like a digital coupon and the reason why we wanna use this type of ad is to extend our irresistible offer, our best offer, whether or that’s something free. I’m gonna use a restaurant for this example, okay?

So let’s say our voucher is for a free dessert.

The next thing you wanna do is create scarcity. So you wanna put on the ad somewhere that there are only X amount of vouchers available for this free dessert, right? But then here is the tip, here is the main thing that I want you to do.

You wanna take it a step further because the whole point in running a voucher promotion is to get them to take an extra step

because think about it, if you get a coupon in the mail or you get a coupon at the store or whatever, it comes with an expiration date, right?

That’s more of an urgency method of marketing as opposed to scarcity, okay?

We wanna give them scarcity meaning that there’s only a certain amount of these vouchers available. And what they have to do is they have to call today, they have to call now.

That creates kind of the urgency there that we’re talking about but in order to redeem the voucher, they have to take it a step further. So we’re not just handing them a coupon and saying, okay, here you go, there’s an expiration date. There’s a little bit of urgency there but it’s like, how are we for sure that they’re gonna take action on that, right?


Pre-qualify your customers

Having this extra step to call today or call now to actually redeem the voucher itself is a way to pre-qualify them to find out who is serious about interacting and engaging with your business or actually even showing up.

And this means that not only do you get more reservations or more appointments but the chance of them actually showing up is a lot higher. And really this works in any business model but I wanna go back to the restaurant example again because it’s like a bonus offer on that same ad after calling and setting a reservation to get into your restaurant, as a bonus offer if they mention that they saw this on Facebook, then you give ’em like a free appetizer card or something for the next time they visit, so now you’ve essentially got them now to hopefully bring that voucher in, that card in for a second visit to your restaurant.

And you’re able to track kind of to see how your ads are performing as well.


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