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The Other Side of Selling Podcast

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Teaching Real Estate Professionals how to connect with more buyers and sellers using digital marketing strategies. You will learn actionable steps on how to obtain more listings, gain the trust of buyers using both organic and paid advertising, and without the need for cold calling.

Mike will teach you how to start your own website, automate your lead generation within your CRM, and master content marketing. You’ll also explore the technical side of how to create video and other types of converting content, such as lead magnets, blogs, podcasts, Vlogs, graphics and writing and more. You will also hear from guest real estate professionals that have had a massive impact on the industry, and learn about what strategies they implement to help them succeed.

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I've helped thousands start or grow their business.

I write a lot of books that contain essential ‘how to’ information for solving relationship problems. It will give you new insights into those ‘impossible’ situations that cause so much anguish, stress and there. They are clearly written, highly readable, and filled with credible information and guidance.

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Personal Consulting, Solution Focused Mentoring

Let me provide you with some guidance.  That’s what I’m here for!  I’ve built a reputation for helping businesses grow.  I offer personal coaching and have recently started to put my courses online.  Get started with an option below.

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Coaching & Consulting

Single-session or longer, you could choose, which is better for you.

“I am a trainer, coach, psychotherapist, and writer. For more than 25 years I have advised people on how to improve their working relationships and enhance the quality of their lives. I’ve provided professional training on improving relationships, conflict management, and related topics.”


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I work with Real Estate Professionals both in-person and online to help them start or grow their business step by step.  Coaching sessions are more than just me telling you what to do.  I will help you with whatever you need.